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Welcome to the FlexiMan (Flexible Site Management) site at SourceForge. This project is the next level of a development process which has been going on over the past several years. Today, I have a group of (100+) perl scripts that provde a variety of website design and content management functionality. Tomorrow, I am designing and developing a singular system for the care and feeding of any website, FlexiMan.

Some of the planned features for FlexiMan include:

  • web-based interface for design elements
  • web-based editing of all content items
  • easy-to-use directory interface to manipulate files and directories
  • multiple users with varying levels of security
  • plug-in modules for
    • calendaring
    • weblogging
    • discussion/bulletin boards
    • file transfer areas (uploading and downloading)

This site will eventually be driven by FlexiMan. For the moment, it will just give you a place to start on the adventure towards more efficient, expediant, and fun website management. Make sure you go over to our project pages and track our progress. If you subscribe to our mailing list, we'll be sure to let you know when the beta becomes available. If you're interested in taking a more active part in the project, watch for project job postings there as well.

Thanks for your interest in FlexiMan and for stopping by the site today.

Jim Metzger